Raymond Y.T. Chan

"I had been trying to get pregnant for almost 10 years and had accepted the idea that it may never happen. I was referred to Washington State Acupuncture through a relative of one of my friends and I thought, "It won't hurt to try."

I came into the office for a consultation with Dr Chan where we went over my past issues and talked about how long and what it could take to try and get pregnant. He told me we may see results in 4-6 months and actually started the acupuncture right after the consultation. I don't like needles and I was somewhat skeptical that the acupuncture would make a difference but I am so happy that I went. I could barely feel the needles but it helped a lot for me to just not watch when the needles were being placed. (They're really skinny needles though and he just barely taps them in.) I followed all advice Dr Chan gave me and took the herb pills he recommended from their Medicine Center.

A little after a month, I had a positive pregnancy test and I couldn't believe it! We even went out to buy another brand because I thought it might be wrong, but I'm now the proud mother of a 5 month old healthy baby girl. There aren't enough words to explain how much I appreciate Dr Chan and his office. "

-- Judy C.


After going to the emergency twice, seeing three different doctors, and taking numerous perception medication all in a period of two weeks, I was starting to lose hope.  Desperate for my unexplainable chest and stomach pain to go away, I thought I would give acupuncture with Dr. Chan a try.  It was the best decision I could have made for my body.  It only took ONE appointment with Dr. Chan to completely cure my stomach pain that doctors couldn't explain or fix with medication.  Before I saw Dr. Chan my heart rate was dangerously low, 30 beats a minute versus the normal rate of 60, but after seeing Dr. Chan my heart rate became normal and my chest pain lessened tremendously.  Dr. Chan didn't just alleviate my pain, but he did what the other doctors failed to do, he listened to me.  Countless of doctors have told me there was nothing they could do for my pain and gave up or wrongly diagnosed me because they weren't taking the time to listen, Dr. Chan listens and truly cares.  His warm heart and genuine desire to help makes the experience pleasing and comforting.  Not only do I highly recommend Dr. Chan, I can tell you from experience that you won't be disappointed.

-- Alix C.


I highly recommend Dr. Raymond Chan to anymore looking for alternative treatment for pain management or menstruation issues.

I've been seeing Dr. Chan over the years for neck/back pain, and for severe cramps during menstruation. With acupuncture and herbal medicine, my cramps has since reduced significantly and I feel a lot better during menstruation.

A couple weeks ago I started getting neck and should pain and was having trouble even turning my head. After a few days of little improvement with pain patches and creams, I went to see Dr. Chan to get acupuncture. To my surprise, he had me sit in a chair instead of having me lay down on the bed face down. He then proceed to poke needles on the back of my hands, and had me slowly turn my head from side to side. Slowly I was able to turn my head further with each turn, and the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders were less noticeable. Dr. Chan explained this is his new treatment of combining acupuncture and exercise. When I walked out of the clinic after about an hour, I was able to turn normally again and the pain was mostly gone. This was so much better than taking western medicine. Go see Dr. Chan if you are severing from chronic pains, you won't be sorry.

-- Susan Z.

Let me start by saying that I am absolutely terrified of needles! Needle phobia. I am Chinese, I grew up with family friends that are acupuncturists. I never let a single one touch me with a needle, (nor did I really believe it worked.) I would rather someone put a bunch of spiders on me, before letting them poke me with a needle!

I went to Dr Chan for the first time one Saturday when I had blown out my neck and back..... again. I was in extreme pain with muscle spasms and muscles seizing, and knew that the only thing that western medicine could do, was give me drugs, send me to PT, or maybe do both, and perhaps send me off with a shot of cortisone... I know none of these are permanent fixes for me, with side effects that I didn't like. That Saturday, I was in severe PAIN. Enough, to google for an acupuncturist call and get in an appointment to face my nemesis- the needle. ug, it still even scares me typing the word!!

I let the receptionist know how scared I was of needles. She had obviously passed that message onwards.

Dr. Chan was amazing. He calmed me down as much as anyone can, with his calm sweet demeanor. He was careful not to show me any needles before the treatment and made me lie facedown on the massage table. His needles are quick and the small needles are painless. In fact, honestly, the panic in me had more to do with my mental state of mind, than any pain at all. Seriously, it's hard to tell the difference between a needle and just his hand touching my back (yes, I would jump with either LOL!) So, as I learned later from the other acupuncturist, Stanley, in the office, the trick is to just BREATH DEEP BREATHS! If you tell Stanley you are terrified, he takes you through some breathing exercises and that helps greatly!

So, I have now seen both acupuncturists and they are great. The effect for me was immediate. That first day, I walked out of there, feeling as though I had a cortisone shot and a massage all together, with NO drugs and NO side effects. I was pain free and could hardly believe it since I walked in, in serious pain and I was also a serious skeptic about acupuncture. Now, after many sessions, I have no doubt that it works. Though my insurance allows unlimited massages with a co-pay, I actually prefer to go to acupuncture as it loosens my muscles and relieves pain so much better. If there is any magic cure for me, this is it.

My tip for you is to go home and lie down after an acupuncture session. Apparently the "medicine" is still working and running around doing errands isn't the thing to do... So, take it easy, go home, take a nap, and wow, if you thought you already felt better when you left the office, will you feel better after a rest at home. Of course, from what I hear, everyone's results vary. Hopefully this will give the needle-phobic some inspiration to at least give it a shot.

Now, for the record, they can't cure my needle-phobia. (I've asked... apparently it doesn't work that way LOL!) , so every single time I go there, either Dr. Chan or Stanley, have to work hard to keep me calm. I just have to remember to breathe! Sometimes, Dr. Chan's wife even pops in to give me words of encouragement.

So, please, if you are in pain and have needle phobia, and are still reading this review, give acupuncture a chance. the results, for me are nothing short of a miracle cure and I can say definitively, that it is well worth having to face my fears. (and remember.... BREATH....)

-- A C


Dr. Chan, thank you very much for your services during my pregnancy. The tea/herbs that you prescribed definitely worked to get my contractions going. Unfortunately I was just too sick to have the baby naturally, I had to have a C-section. I have no doubt that if I did not have pre-eclampsia, the herbs would have helped my labor along well enough to have a vaginal birth. I tell everyone about Chinese medicine and acupuncture in hopes that more people will have an open mind and give it a try. Not only does this benefit health, but also it helps to break down cultural and racial prejudices.

-- Jill B


Dr. Chan, I’m not sure if you remember me but I came in for treatment before my in vitro fertilization procedure. I wanted to let you know that I am now 13 ½ weeks pregnant with our baby due in August. So, thank you! This was our fourth tie trying IVG, the first time with acupuncture. We are so happy and excited. Thank you!

--Jennifer A


My son, Kyler, had severe eczema as a young child. He wore cotton gloves to prevent his skin from cracking and to keep him from scratching and causing open sores, which would become infected. The skin at the bends of his knees and elbows was constantly inflamed. In spite of anti-itch prescriptions (often containing cortisone), he couldn’t stop scratching, especially when he was trying to go to sleep. He couldn’t nap. Aveeno baths, creams, and ointments had little impact on his condition. Despite oral medications (Zyrtec, Clariten – initially in liquid form as Kyler was too young to swallow pills), nothing could stop the constant itching, which became especially difficult during spring and summer and early fall. Dust, grass and sunshine only made this condition worse.

In addition to his skin problems, he had severe bouts of asthma. He was prescribed several types of inhalers and pills for breathing. Whoever was in charge of Kyler always carried his inhaler. Before he was in kindergarten, he had suffered two bouts of pneumonia and several bronchial attacks, one requiring an emergency run to the hospital in the middle of the night when Kyler could not breathe. As a second grader, he missed 21 days of school. That same year he used Advair or Flovent at home morning and evening and went to the school nurse at lunch for his Albuterol.

Kyler’s father, Randy, started seeing Dr. Chan to help with severe pain caused from a broken back. Kyler happened to notice Dr. Chan’s brochure, which listed a variety of ailments he treated with acupuncture, including skin disorders and asthma. Kyler immediately wanted to try it. Randy asked Dr. Chan and he agreed to see him. He explained the use of needles to Kyler who responded that he “would do anything” to get rid of his asthma and skin rashes. Kyler hated going to the nurse at lunch for treatment and was always very embarrassed about his rashes on his elbows and knees. The doctor and patient became good friends. The very next school year he missed only two days and was proud of his perfect attendance as a 4th grader the following year.

Kyler is now 13. He still sees Dr. Chan on an “as needed” basis for herbs and treatments (usually 2-4 times a year). His skin is clear and no longer feels like sandpaper. He no longer has the scabs, burning sensitivity and infections caused by the constant itching. He still takes an occasional antihistamine when the pollens begin in the spring, but no longer requires an inhaler.

Kyler has always been very athletically inclined and has a special love for baseball and wrestling. He once had an injury during a practice with his 10 year old All Star Little League team as they prepared for the regional games. As we headed for the Emergency Care Clinic, Kyler said, “Why don’t we go to Dr. Chan – he’s the pain doctor.” We did and a few days later, Kyler was able to play in the opening games. Their team came in second that year.

Obviously, Dr. Chan has become a very positive major influence with Kyler’s medical issues. Without him, I know Kyler would not be doing what he does today athletically. His attendance at school due to his medical condition would have impacted his academic growth, too. Perhaps most importantly, Kyler’s self-concept before he started treatment was becoming lower and lower due to the ugly rashes and ability to appear “normal – like other kids.” He is now in the top of his class academically and one of the best athletes in the state at this age level in baseball. He is a competitive and self-assured teenager – thanks to Dr. Chan.

-- Catherine S


What I've learned in the almost 10 years that I've been a patient at Washington State Acupuncture is that good medicine is not a quick fix that comes in the form of a pill; rather, it is healing...the process by which the body is restored to a state in which it can repair itself. I continue to be amazed by the effects of acupuncture and the herbal remedies offered at the clinic. Over the years I've been treated for various infections, depression, anxiety, back pain and gynecological issues, and after treatment my symptoms were gone and I felt great. I've always felt that I was in the presence of practitioners who were not only wise and thoughtful, but kind and compassionate as well. As an average American who is truly grateful to have found an extraordinary doctor and clinic, I recommend Dr. Raymond Chan to all who seek to be healed. Thanks very much!

--Lorraine T.


I have been suffering for seasonal allergies for about 6 years. Every year it was getting worse. Medication was only helping covering my symptoms. I try Allegra, Zyrtec and many other prescriptions and over the counter drugs but it only gave me temporary relief. I decided to search for more permanent solution as well as treating problem at its root. Someone that had a treatment received in Dr. Chan’s clinic earlier that year recommended him to me. After and during six sessions of acupuncture and herbal therapy, I did not have to take any more medication for my allergies. Later this year I developed an allergic reaction to different medication I was taking for my skin condition. After two weeks of heavy cortisone therapy, I was still experiencing general rush and itching until I saw my saver Dr. Chan.
I’m very pleased with all treatment I have received and strongly recommend them for many alternative solutions to western medicine.

--Kitsis, M.