Sik Chi Stanley Chan

"The practitioner: I saw Stanley Chan and WOW what a GREAT HEALER! Insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, runny nose, back pain....all quickly faded away or disappeared overnight within 5 visits. I now sleep soundly, my energy is back, no more going through boxes of tissues.....And what I surely like is that he truly has GENTLE HANDS when performing acupuncture, I hardly feel anything when he inserts or handles the needles. No pain. And I am normally sensitive to the slightest thing on my skin, not to mention my "needle in the eye" phobia that makes me a little nervous! My eyes are always tightly shut....

Anyhow I am so grateful to have met Stanley and can only recommend him highly. He is not only experienced and super skilled but has an easygoing and genuine personality. My overall impression is that the practitioners here surely know what they are doing and are focused on doing it well."

-- Chipsie P., Seattle

"I wanted to get a preventative wet cupping done. I was driving two hours to another specialist so I thought I would try here for convenience. Very satisfied. I do the 'wet cupping,' or hijama as I call it, on the 15th, 17th, 19th or 21st of the lunar month. I got the thumbs up from work and came for a morning appointment. I left feeling light, everything seemed a little brighter, and I looked thinner.

I would hypothesize that the wet cupping not only removes dead blood, but also removes pressure from the body. I consider it a transmission flush for the body. Thanks Stanley. I hope to see you again soon."

-- Ali S, Mountlake Terrace

“I am so blessed to see Stanley Chan who has helped to regulate my menses. I did not have menses for 6 months prior to seeing Stanley, and I did not want to resort to birth control pills. After two acupuncture sessions and a week of herbal tea, my menses came back! I continued to see Stanley and take the tea for a month. Now, my period is back to normal and I no longer need further treatments! ”

-- Amanda K , Bellevue

“I highly recommend Stanley as a massage therapist. I have used his services for several years, he has excellent manual and acupressure skills and is very effective in releasing myofascial tightness and bringing about pain relief.”

-- Vimla.. Licensed physical therapist

“I was a patient suffering from PMS. I felt very uncomfortable before and during my menstruation for 6 months, and my menses reduced during those months. I saw doctors and took some western medicine, but it was useless. Later, I met Stanley Chan. he treated me 6 times with acupuncture, and my symptoms reduced significantly. He left China later. Now, I feel I have almost completely recovered from the bad condition.”

-- Echo S, China

“I have been a patient of Stanley’s for over a year. I initially came in for treatment of migraine headaches, which I had been dealing with for years without any improvement. Thanks to Stanley, my headaches went away without medication and I have not had one for several months! Stanley also helped me with fertility, and most recently the induction of my overdue baby. I cannot say enough about how much Stanley has helped me, and I highly recommend him.”

-- Amanda J, Bellevue

"I first started seeing Stanley Chan for severe pain from arthritis in my hands, feet and shoulders. In addition, I experience the unpleasant aspects of menopause including hot flashes and night sweats. Mr Chan’s treatments have significantly reduced my arthritis pain. In addition, the advice and herbs he has given me have eased my menopausal symptoms. Mr Chan has helped me a great deal and I am grateful to him for his assistance.”

--Kathleen K, Bellevue

“I would highly recommend Stanley’s treatments to anyone, because Keenan is doing so much better since he came to Stanley for help with Acupuncture. For over a year, he suffered from allergies with a constant stuffy nose, and also had a couple of sinus infections that were so painful. But, Stanley’s treatment has really truly been a blessing and helped heal his allergies. He hasn’t had any issues since we have seen Stanley.”

-- Corey B-S, Redmond

“I met Stanley back in 2002. I had gotten into a car accident around that time and a friend had referred me to him for massage therapy. He helped me a lot over the years. He’s great with communicating with people. Overall, Stanley’s wonderful healer and I know that it all comes from the heart. he helped relieve my pain and aches. If anyone has back pains or body aches, I recommend that you see Stanley Chan and I couldn’t refer you to a better person.”

-- Saba G, West Seattle