How Acupuncture Helps Relieve Pain

At the Washington State Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center, we see patients seeking pain relief on daily basis. This includes headache, neck, shoulder, lower back, knees, feet, or virtually any other type of pain in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain is the body’s natural signal that there is something wrong. Where there is a blockage, there is pain. That’s where acupuncture comes in to play.

Acupuncture treatment restores the flow of vital energy within the body. First, the hair-thin needles prompt the body to produce endorphins just like painkillers and, yes, chocolate. Many of our patients would rather just eat chocolate to get their dose of endorphins than go through an acupuncture session (wouldn’t we all?). However, chocolate will not restore blood flow and can end up giving you temporary happiness without fixing the underlying pain issue. Oh well, it’s still delicious! Secondly, acupuncture clears up blockage caused by a strain, sprain, tight muscle, or even stress. When the blood circulation is restored, the pain subsides. It’s a natural painkiller that rejuvenates the mind and body in a non-invasive way!

When we place an acupuncture needle in a strategic area to target the point of pain, it attracts blood to flow to that spot. The increased blood flow cycles out toxins and chemicals that have accumulated in that area from inflammation or strain, decreasing the patient’s pain. In an acute situation, acupuncturists distal needle points on the same meridian to avoid irritation and muscle spasm.

Like any medical procedure, results will be based on individual situations. Some treatments may relieve pain after a few sessions, some after just one. We highly recommend trying acupuncture for pain management for a natural, non-invasive cure! The following are testimonials from patients of our clinic:

“I first started seeing Stanley Chan for severe pain from arthritis in my hands, feet and shoulders. In addition, I experience the unpleasant aspects of menopause including hot flashes and night sweats. Mr Chan’s treatments have significantly reduced my arthritis pain. In addition, the advice and herbs he has given me have eased my menopausal symptoms. Mr Chan has helped me a great deal and I am grateful to him for his assistance.” –Kathleen K, Bellevue

“I have been a patient of Stanley’s for over a year. I initially came in for treatment of migraine headaches, which I had been dealing with for years without any improvement. Thanks to Stanley, my headaches went away without medication and I have not had one for several months! Stanley also helped me with fertility, and most recently the induction of my overdue baby. I cannot say enough about how much Stanley has helped me, and I highly recommend him.” –Amanda J, Bellevue

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