Importance of Preventative Care & Your Well-Being


Above all else, your health should be the top priority. Good health goes beyond a lack of sickness or disease—it incorporates your mental and physical self into a state of well-being. A fully healthy person has the ability to experience life with vitality, energy, and vigor in both the body and the spirit. This definition encompasses good health, but is first and foremost your well-being.

How can one ensure well-being rather than just being healthy? The key is to focus on wellness rather than sickness, which is done through preventative care. Instead of treating a condition once it has progresses, preventative care inhibits disease or sickness from occurring in the first place. The treatment of disease in its earliest stages provides a greater chance for full recovery. Handling illness before it arises, rather than after the fact, is critical to maintaining a state of well-being. In regards to preventative care, one traditional Chinese medicine saying states, “Do not worry about the treatment, but take more care to cultivate your Qi, vital energy, before the ailment strikes.”


At Washington State Acupuncture, our therapeutic services treat health conditions, but also focus on preventative care. Our expert practitioners use acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to prevent diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and even allergies. These holistic treatments are alternatives to synthetic drugs and have shown great success in our clients. TCM is used to strengthen basic internal organs in order to boost the immune system, while acupuncture reinstates balance and the flow of Qi, or energy, within the body. Preventative care through acupuncture and TCM maintains good health, and therefore leads to a proper state of well-being. See for yourself in this recent testimonial by one of our clients:

About 4 months ago I went to see Dr. Chan. He treated me with acupuncture, herbal medicines, and massage therapy. I now experience a feeling of ‘well-being’ which I have not had for years, my dizziness and headaches are gone and my digestion is normal. I have a sense of ‘well-being.’ I feel like I’m 60 again—and for me, whose 87th birthday is but two weeks away, that is the REAL GIFT! —July 23, 2014

Contact us at Washington State Acupuncture to make an appointment and reach your well-being.

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