Mental & Physical Benefits of Tui Na Massage

A good massage is not only relaxing, but it provides significant physical and mental benefits. It has the power to invigorate the muscles and rejuvenate the mind, restoring balance and blood flow throughout the entire body. At Washington State Acupuncture, we offer massage therapy along with our Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatments. Shaobai Peter Zhang, our expert Massage Practitioner, has been practicing Chinese-style massage (Tui Na) for more than 10 years, studying in China and the United States.

Tui Na massage is an ancient practice that has been used in China for about 2,000 years. It focuses on stimulating the flow of Qi to restore balance in the body and revitalize positive energy. This type of massage uses a variety of hand techniques such as rolling, friction, pressing and kneading—similar to Western massage. Tui Na also incorporates other manipulation techniques including acupuncture and acupressure. Muscles are targeted at different acupressure points throughout the body, just like in acupuncture, to remove blockages and rejuvenate the flow of Qi vital energy. You will leave your massage session feeling loose, refreshed, and energized!

At Washington State Acupuncture, our Tui Na massage therapy is customized for each individual. A problem area, such as sore back or tight neck, will be targeted during the massage session and healed through Tui Na techniques. Whether there is an acute or chronic pain in the joints or muscles, this type of massage can help. It’s effective for pain, muscle disorders, tightness, arthritis, muscle spams, and even helping headaches, digestive, reproductive and respiratory systems. The restored flow of energy through the body connects the mind and body into a single entity, leaving the patient both relaxed and energized. That is the best party of Tui Na massage!

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