Special Announcement

In the midst of the recent developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our office is taking necessary and reasonable precautions to keep the facility clean and safe. We will be following the lead of the CDC and relevant local and state authorities as guidance. We ask that patients take the following actions:

-If you or a family member feels sick (e.g. has a fever/cough), PLEASE STAY HOME and call us to cancel/reschedule your appointment.

-If you or a family member has traveled to a High-Risk Zone, we ask that you wait 14 days before we could see you at our office.

-Upon arrival, please stop in the bathroom to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer at our front desk counter

-Our staff is making sure that we are extra diligent about office sanitation.

Patients will continue to be seen at our office. We want to remain positive at WA State Acupuncture and want to continue to create a safe and healthy environment for our community.