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Cupping Therapy Provides More Than Just Pain Relief

After the Gold medal Olympians showing off their purple marks in the field of 2016 Rio Olympics, like Michaele Phelps, this ancient therapy called cupping is unveiled to public and caught lots of attention from NY Times, USA Today, CNN, and even Wall Street Journal. But it is a common therapy we provide to our…
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Is salad really a good choice for weight loss?

After a long, endless raining season here in Seattle, summer is just in front us. How many of you had your new year resolution: "Loose 10 pounds before the summer comes" while imagining soaking yourself in the sunshine at a beautiful beach? Then you start your diet plan again. Eat less, eat healthier, and exercise…
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A Few Tricks from Acupuncture You Can Do At Home

First of all, let us say that no one should ever attempt to perform real acupuncture on themselves, or on anyone, without real training. The theories and protocols of acupuncture are very complicated and take years to learn. Currently, the entry-level training requirements for becoming an acupuncturist are either a 3-year Master’s program in acupuncture,…
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The Wonders of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine is an ancient and complicated practice that offers many valuable possibilities to patients. We’re proud to offer these services, drawing upon both the wisdom of generational observation and contemporary understanding of the plant, animal, and mineral substances we employ to heal and balance our patients. Chinese medicine can help your physical, emotional, and…
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What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a similar no-puncture version of acupuncture, that stimulates pressure points to relieve pain and other maladies.
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Acupuncture for Children

Acupuncture for the whole family means acupuncture for children, too, and the benefits of pediatric acupuncture include side-effect free treatment.
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