Raymond Chan

"I had been trying to get pregnant for almost 10 years and had accepted the idea that it may never happen. I was referred to Washington State Acupuncture through a relative of one of my friends and I thought, "It won't hurt to try."

I came into the office for a consultation with Dr Chan where we went over my past issues and talked about how long and what it could take to try and get pregnant. He told me we may see results in 4-6 months and actually started the acupuncture right after the consultation. I don't like needles and I was somewhat skeptical that the acupuncture would make a difference but I am so happy that I went. I could barely feel the needles but it helped a lot for me to just not watch when the needles were being placed. (They're really skinny needles though and he just barely taps them in.) I followed all advice Dr Chan gave me and took the herb pills he recommended from their Medicine Center.

A little after a month, I had a positive pregnancy test and I couldn't believe it! We even went out to buy another brand because I thought it might be wrong, but I'm now the proud mother of a 5 month old healthy baby girl. There aren't enough words to explain how much I appreciate Dr Chan and his office. "

-- Judy C.

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Stanley Chan

"The practitioner I saw was Stanley Chan; and WOW what a GREAT HEALER! Insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, runny nose, back pain….all quickly faded away or disappeared overnight within five visits. I now sleep soundly, my energy is back, no more going through boxes of tissues…..And what I surely like is that he truly has GENTLE HANDS when performing acupuncture, I hardly feel anything when he inserts or handles the needles. No pain. I am normally sensitive to the slightest thing on my skin, not to mention my “needle in the eye” phobia that makes me a little nervous! My eyes are always tightly shut….

I am so grateful to have met Stanley and highly recommend him. He is not only experienced and super skilled but has an easygoing and genuine personality. My overall impression is that the practitioners here surely know what they are doing and are focused on doing it well."

-- Chipsie P., Seattle


"I wanted to get a preventative wet cupping done. I was driving two hours to another specialist so I thought I would try here for convenience. Very satisfied. I do the ‘wet cupping,’ or hijama as I call it, on the 15th, 17th, 19th or 21st of the lunar month. I came for a morning session and I left feeling light, everything seemed a little brighter, and I looked thinner.

I would hypothesize that the wet cupping not only removes dead blood, but also removes pressure from the body. I consider it a transmission flush for the body. Thanks Stanley. I hope to see you again soon."

-- Ali S, Mountlake Terrace

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