Start the New Year Allergy Free

If all you want for Christmas is to get rid of the sniffles, consider giving acupuncture a try. That’s right, acupuncture for allergy treatment is a highly effective practice used here at Washington State Acupuncture. After just two to three visits, patients will notice a reduction in allergy symptoms. Start the New Year sniffle free!

Our expert practitioners use a variety of techniques to treat allergies, which include the use of herbal patches on patients. This ancient method, used for over three thousand years in China to treat disease, does not require the use of needles or oral intake of herbal medicine. The herbal patch boosts the immune system, increases resistance to illnesses, and lowers hypersensitivity of allergens while supporting health and well being. Washington State Acupuncture practitioners have used the herbal patch method to treat thousands of cases, including asthma, tennis elbow, allergic and chronic rhinitis, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, frozen shoulder, sinusitis, and more. The efficiency rate is over 90%.

So, how does this magic patch work? Each session, one or more patches are places on specific acupuncture points for up to eight hours. You may feel sensations ranging from numbness to warmth to prickling during this time, all of which are completely normal. After eight hours, the patches should be removed and skin area rinsed. If no severe skin reactions (such as blister, rash) occur, the next set of patches can be applied in 7-10 days, and the third set again 7-10 days later. This method is effective for immune system-related illnesses.

Check out this patient’s testimonial, who found success through our methods for allergy treatment:

“I have been suffering for seasonal allergies for about six years. Every year it was getting worse. Medication was only helping covering my symptoms. I try Allegra, Zyrtec and many other prescriptions and over the counter drugs, but it only gave me temporary relief. I decided to search for more permanent solution as well as treating the problem at its root. Someone that had a treatment received in Dr. Chan’s clinic earlier that year recommended him to me. After and during six sessions of acupuncture and herbal therapy, I did not have to take any more medication for my allergies. Later this year I developed an allergic reaction to different medication I was taking for my skin condition. After two weeks of heavy cortisone therapy, I was still experiencing general rash and itching until I saw my savior, Dr. Chan. I’m very pleased with all treatment I have received and strongly recommend them for many alternative solutions to western medicine.” –Kitsis, M.

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